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..............to Gayle S. Schwartz, MD & Associates!

We are a well respected and compassionate physical medicine and rehabilitation practice treating patients in both the Baltimore
and Carroll County areas.

What is a Physiatrist?

A physiatrist, or rehabilitation physician, is a physician trained in the speciality of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), a
medical speciality formally established in 1947. Rehabilitation physicians are experts in diagnosing and treating people with diseases or
injuries involving nerve, muscle, and/or bone. Treatment invloves a non-surgical, multidisciplanary, holistic approach to reduce pain,
restore function, and minimize disability. A rehabilitation specialist addresses the whole person and is not only focused on a "body part"
or "disease".

What We Treat

Our outpatient practice of physical medicine and rehabilitation treats patients ranging in age from adolescence to geriatrics. We specialize
in a wide range of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders causing disability and functional difficulties at home, in the workplace, or
during recreational activities.

We commonly see patients experiencing:

- Back pain
- Neck pain
- Shoulder, elbow, and/or wrist pain
- Hip, knee, and/or foot pain
- Numbness and tingling
- Problems with balance
- Difficulty walking

We commonly treat diagnoses such as:

- Herniated spinal discs
- Spine degeneration
- Arthritis
- Muscle strains and tears
- Joint sprains
- Neuropathies
- Myopathies
- Multiple sclerosis
- Stroke
- Sports-related injuries
- Work-related injuries