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Patient Testimonials:

"When I first came to Dr. Schwartz, I was experiencing pain and feeling hopeless. Immediately, Dr. Schwartz identified my
multiple issues and prescribed a detailed treatment plan with excellent recommendations. But more importantly, Dr. Schwartz validated
that something was wrong and I needed treatment. She restored my hope that with hard work I could heal. I am so thankful for all Dr.
Schwartz has done to get me on the road to recovery. After almost 8 months, I am finally starting to feel like my old self. I am eternally
grateful that our paths crossed and for Dr. Schwartz's diagnosis and treatment." -K. Anderson


"I'd like to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Dr. Schwartz expertise, bedside manner, and assiduousness certainly
did not go unnoticed. She made a true effort to treat me and my pain on a personal level. Moreover, it made all the difference in my
road to recovery, mentally and physically. I am happy to report that I am working full time, and it feels amazing! I am forever grateful
to have been under Dr. Schwartz's care." -M. Cohee


"Dr. Schwartz is a kind, sympathetic, no-nonsense care provider. She is a great listener and has helped me learn how to
manage and eleviate my pain through multiple techniques. Dr. Schwartz's staff is so friendly and helpful. Sometimes when calling a
doctor you feel like you have to "get past" the staff to get to the doctor, but Dr. Schwartz's staff want to help! When I leave
my appointment and repeat Dr. Schwartz's advice to my husband, he always comments, 'Dr. Schwartz makes you feel better mentally
and physically.'" -L. Vitrano


"I have been under the care of Dr. Schwartz for the past 21 years following an accident that resulted in serious injuries to my
back and spine. Throughout the long process of recovery, setbacks, surgeries, difficult times, and decisions, Dr. Schwartz has led the
way. She is simply the most committed, intelligent, and gifted physician I have ever met. Every day I get up and get out of bed relatively
pain free is a testament to her ability, dedication, and care. My back is injured, it will always hurt and has the potential to get worse
quickly. The only thing that has really been stable throughout my situation has been Dr. Schwartz. She has been solid as a rock for
twenty years. Dr. Schwartz has helped me to regain and enjoy a quality of life with my family that, for a peroid, I never thought would be
possible. She is truly an amazing person and medical professional whom I hold in the highest regard. Next to my immediate family, she
has been the single most important person to me in my life and continues in that capacity." -T. Roberts


"Dr. Schwartz has been my doctor for more than ten years and has been responsible for giving me relief from pain and a great
enhancement in my quality of life. She is very thourough and pleasant. I am very happy to recommend Dr. Schwartz to anyone seeking
pain relief and rehabilitation." -V. DeMeicke


"It was my good fortune to be recommended to Dr. Schwartz, for I had almost given up, having seen so many doctors for pain and
muscle spasms with no success. I now have a LIFE. If you want an honest, compassionate doctor who will make a life plan for you, then
you will not find a better person than Dr. Gayle Schwartz." -B. Parnes